Do it the right way with Building Pacific Designs, Inc.

Discover how to maximize your properties potential. Whether you’re looking to build your dream house,
get your kitchen remodeled, or step onto your newly constructed lanai, allow us to bundle the design
and building of your project.

Our services provide lasting value. As a matter of professional integrity, we won’t leave until the job
has been done correctly. Our licensed & insured full-time staff is prepared to serve your residential
and commercial property needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

• Teardowns and rebuilds of nearly any existing structures
• Foundations & Concrete & Stone driveways
• Remodels & Additions
• Decks & Lanais
• Gazebos & Patios
• Casted Doors & Windows
• Flooring, Tile, Terrazzo
• Pools, Retaining Walls & Rock Walls
• Bamboo Ceilings
• Shingle, Composite, and Cool Roof Systems
• Boat Houses & Ohanas
• Kitchen & Bathrooms
• Excavation
• Framing & Siding
• Interior Trim & Crown Molding
• Cabinetry
• Custom Eaves & Fascia
• Fencing